the trees fell north

According to the newspaper and Wave3 news, Madison was one of the harder hit areas (this past weekend) from the effects of Hurricane Ike. Still, what we have here is minimal to what Texans have had to endure. The trees that were felled here all headed north, the strong wind out of the south uprooting some of the oldest trees in Madison, and landing them on some large and some small homes. The sound of chain saws started not long after the storm ended, and I can still hear them in the distance. There are many who still have no electricity in downtown Madison, though this section is fortunate to have it back on. A friend in Vevay said it could be a week before they get to her.  You know, as many times as I have said this is an old falling apart wood building with only half a roof as is, the blue tarp is still intact, no furhter damage occurred to the building.

I only had to cook one meal out on the old legless Weber, and it was food that might have spoiled if it went another day without electricity, so I made it an enjoyable experience. I need to clean the fridge out now, but it looks like the freezer kept most things cold enough because we kept it closed. I am just waiting for it to get back up to temp again first.

On Sunday, before the storm, we sang a song in church about what we have…something to the effect: not much money but we have a roof over our head, food on the table, clothes on our back and shoes on our feet. God supplies us well. When you start there it doesn’t seem so bad, because many don’t have those things right now. I am thankful none of my neighbors suffered injury as these massive trees lay down on their buildings or the ground. None will go without food or a place to stay, and they all have clothes and shoes. My children and friends in Cincinnati were safe where they live.

I know God is watching over us. There is a certain silence that falls over us after a storm, as we go about assessing damage and checking on others. Life in a small town is different and I am fortunate to know more of my neighbors and to care about their welfare. Some of the older trees suffered damage and many were uprooted, but still, enough remain to remind us of the strength some have no matter what the storm brings. It was interesting though, they all fell north.

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