bo liv ar be liev er

 “Although a few were apprehensive, they adopted simple faith; lioness adjusted mood to them in Baptist church. Many feel female on Bolivar Island was tame. if we insisted mysteries of God allow us the mountain’s power…if two… you get it… feel last post name instrumental.”

The anagram you just read is from the text outlined in gray in the collage, ” Tell me how do you do it well being a good listener is important if my past self saw me in the present would it also mean that my present self was seeing me in the future I would have phrased it in a way that made a modicum of sense. I just so happen to have lots of fabric left.”

This post was changed from what I had written earlier, in case you read it via the rss. I found an error in the anagram. OMG!!! Sorry for any confusion. I left the mistake in the collage, so you can see what a huge difference it made. It happens, part of being human. I always check but sometimes miss something due to interruptions. So I re-did it because I used an anagram checker for some reason to make sure it was correct. It wasn’t so I figured I should change it. I don’t use an anagram checker unless it is really long, like this one.

The last post is named shackle, the name of the lioness on Bolivar Island about which I wrote.

Where two or more are gathered… I am a bo liv ar be liev er…how ’bout you?

Again sorry for the OOPS. I wonder if anyone noticed the bird that was “caught” on the lion tail in the screen shot. It made the comics used in the collage fit better though, don’t you think?

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