a Danish with that?

Danish? Mmmm, that would be nice. I seldom get a treat like that these days. Oh the things I have taken for granted. Speaking of Danish…a Rare Viking Shield Found in Denmark (Tuesday) made news. Hmmm. Danish archaeologists found (a big deal apparently as it was the first time one was found in Denmark) a well-preserved, 32-inch wooden (fir) Danish Viking shield, believed to be more than 1,000 years old, during excavations near some castles some 60 miles west of Copenhagen. Sounds like a nice place to visit…castles and such.

Viking shields could be subject of further study. Of course, one thing leads to another, and though I may find the runestones and maybe the Viking boats interesting, I’m not much interested in the implements of war. It’s more macabre than I can appreciate. I suppose finding this shield is important though, since a first is a first. It would be nice had they given more information in the story, maybe more about the dig, etc.

Maybe that’s what Hagar was flipping about in part of the comics collage in my post last week, a post which, coincidentally, came right after a post with a shield in it.  😉 

Hagar was finding treasures!

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