sheep moo?

“Always thought I was different but implementing this mental application to serve Jesus…what a surprise! I use toons daily but few will see mooing sheep today. I showed “fetter” made mess atop altar, many left, some men come around to help…send with life of faith and love.” I decided to use the same text to anagram that I used for the last anagram, in the bo liv ar be liev er post, “ Tell me how do you do it well being a good listener is important if my past self saw me in the present would it also mean that my present self was seeing me in the future I would have phrased it in a way that made a modicum of sense. I just so happen to have lots of fabric left.” You will notice I use the word fetter today whereas in the post shackle it is the name of a lioness. The word is interchangeable here to mean the same.

Sheep moo?

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