go on now, scoot

We called it a scooter. My 80+ year old neighbor/friend brought a few photos to church yesterday, She had told me of her motorized “scooter” experience with great glee. She said her daughter had taken a photo of her while she was riding it around the yard so I asked her to bring me the photo at some point so I could share it with the folks at church. I thought others might get a giggle out of it. She can be quite a hoot at times.

I remember when we had a little scooter to share between 6 kids. We rode all over the concreted cistern/back porch. We used to roller skate there too, as a matter of fact. We didn’t have a motor on our scooter, but it sure was fun. And since the neighbor was having so much fun in the photo, I sent a copy of it off to the pastor last night so he could put it on the church’s webpage or blog, as well as a copy of her persimmon pudding recipe.

Last night the visiting pastor, mentioned in my last post (naturally), spoke of persimmon pudding last night. He said while he was in town his mother fixed him dinner and persimmon pudding. I can’t say I have ever had persimmon pudding, but my neighbor was prepared for that. I walked her home after church and she whipped out her stained old recipe card from of a little pocket apron hanging on a pantry door. She handed the card and then retrieved a two-cup measure of grated persimmon from her freezer. Don’t ya just love old ladies. She said her daughter has persimmon trees in her yard. Handy. She said when I make the recipe to use lots of whipped cream or ice cream on top because persimmon pudding is an acquired taste, meaning like many things, you can cover up the taste if you don’t like it.  Here’s an on-line Indiana Persimmon Pudding recipe for those interested.

And for those interested in my comics collages, here is today’s (I put it in the next post, you’ll see why) which includes part of a comic strip that mentioned a “scooter”, so I couldn’t help but include my neighbor’s photo.

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