“One reason to eye this, I did show some of the text beyond the box. Mark Cravens, the night substitute preacher, yelled, ‘The best is yet to come!’ Naturally, I too, meant Jesus. What do Genii of house do?”

That was an anagram I was too tired to put up last night after church. The text comes from the mini-collage below, which is part of the larger one posted yesterday in toon talk, “It was one of those days when I just couldn’t miss. Do you really expect anyone to believe that? Remember, the best is yet to come. That’s good. There’s a thief around here. So? Thinking outside the box.”

Last night, at church, we had (what the visiting pastor called himself) a substitute preacher because the pastor at the church I attend had a family emergency. His daughter broke her elbow so he needed someone to step in to do Sunday’s services. Mark Cravens has visited before. I like him. I wrote of his last visit in a post called Conversing with God.

Now I need to work on today’s toons.

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