for the time being…

I read an article today on about a dark flow in the universe, and the number 1E 0657-56 came up. Hmmm. Could it be familiar? Well, maybe. It’s what’s known as the “bullet cluster”. In the article it says, “Patches of matter in the universe seem to be moving at very high speeds and in a uniform direction that can’t be explained by any of the known gravitational forces in the observable universe. Astronomers are calling the phenomenon “dark flow.”

The stuff that’s pulling this matter must be outside the observable universe, researchers conclude.”

Outside the box, huh? I can imagine that. Under the photo shown in the article, “The galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56 (known as the Bullet Cluster) lies 3.8 billion light-years away. It’s one of hundreds that appear to be carried along by a mysterious cosmic flow.”

All this talk about speeding through space (like a bullet, says superman) and I found another one of those news stories about the mysteries of the bullet galaxy where a quote popped off the page at me,  “We’ve closed this loophole about gravity, and we’ve come closer than ever to seeing this invisible matter.”  (August 21, 2006, NASA RELEASE 06-297, NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter) I know few can make the connection I do, but I made the connection yesterday about a loophole via my anagram, and today. well, the collage is there for your view. 

Yesterday they said the sun was a hitchhiker and now we have dark matter traveling at 2 million mph. They said the universe we see is just a small bubble of space-time that got rapidly expanded after the Big Bang. There could be other parts of the cosmos beyond this bubble that we cannot see. Hmm. Faster than a speeding bullet galaxy…I wonder where this is all going…

It was 8:23 this morning when while working on my collage a pop-up screen saver popped up with a frog atop a clock showing the time could be somewhere between 8:21 and 8:27. So I did a screen shot. Yes, my clocks are off around here too because we have power outages all the time and resetting the clocks is a weekly thing. My computer clock showed 8:23. Sometimes we are off a little here too. 😉

Speaking of being off a little…I had a big splurge at Salvation Army today, bought a couple of small pillows, one of which is a black velveteen edged in a gold design, and four tasseled corners while the other was embroidered with the words, My House is FULL of NUTS!!! It was one of those things that reminded me of my mom, so I bought it. I also purchased a moire tablecloth and a few kitchen drawer organizers. My purchases were 75% off today. I don’t often have money to spend on anything other than food or cleaning supplies, so this was a big deal on some level. I realize it sounds ridiculous to many, even to myself at times, considering September used to be a month when I would spend thousands getting the kids ready for school. Life just isn’t the same anymore. Not having an income puts one in a whole different place in life. I used to think I would be a spoiled suburban housewife in my fifties and sixties, traveling a few times a year. If people only knew how I really live. So why splurge on a pillow? All of my purchases were $7.25. I don’t think God will fry me for that. The beau spends that much each time he buys a six pack of fake beer. I used to pay about that for a reasonable table wine.

Yes, life is very different now. For the time being, I will try to concentrate on what a nice day it is outside, this being my favorite time of year, and enjoy the fact that when I locked my keys in the trunk of the car today, another set at home could be brought to me. Life is more simple, but sometimes simple works just fine.

Today’s collage is subtle in more ways than one.  🙂



In the collage the words chosen for today’s anagram are highlighted by yellow. The anagram is “Faster than the speed that a bullet galaxy moves in space I hope I can help a church friend connect it. Funny how a door in universe would open to a world I remember I spoke in.I am His true link.”

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