faster than what

Faster than a speeding bullet galaxy I think I should save you. I have an open dream window that tomorrow comes in. I think the eight twenty three clock shook some up. Not much happens around here. I do think I know what who planned. If you’re on fIre I contact wonderful angels by a special phone.

Actually that anagram is the longer version of the one in the last post. I sometimes wait on such things, but decided to go ahead with this because it mentioned the clock in the previous post as well as the speeding galaxy I read about and mentioned in that post. I should have used it first maybe, but sometimes I do a change-up. The text used was,  “Oh, okay, thanks for letting me know. what happened? what do you think? So what if there are errors in the information? lives could be ruined by mistake! That could never happen. I could do with an explanation myself. So you do listen. Now go change…How much longer can I keep up with this insane pace?”

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