sort of

ANAGRAM: “Wall Street has taken a kick. It’s twenty-ninth, Dow Jones reflects big U.S. money failure. Some may not want to know, so they take it on faith. I move it to the open. It’s a mystery how I got that right.” The text came from the comics text as shown in the first collage. I am sure you were made aware of the day’s financial news at some point. The Dow Jones was down over 700 points today, due to the proposed “bailout bill” not going through today. I’m sure things will work out. Meanwhile…

I’ve been remiss. There are times when anagramming gets to be more than I can handle on a daily basis, although I do them on a daily basis. There was a certain theme in the anagrams the past few days that kept going and got more specific and quite frankly, I just don’t think I want to go into the business of prophecy yet, although when the term subliminal opthalmology came up it was interesting. It was part of an anagram “conversation”, which seemed more a direct from God quote that I will let you know about at a later point in time. God can do anything He wants, and because of that I have decided to wait on posting those anagrams until I see what else comes of what I wrote. I am posting only the collages and, as it is, the conversation in these do enough talking.


If you follow the comics collages I put together, you will notice (in my last post, in thought today) one of the last anagrams started with, “While it’s sort of out there …” you might notice that Blondie and Dagwood both use the “sort of” routine in Sunday’s comics. I’ve been sort of out of it the past few days too, so am going to rest.

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