NSF. No, that isn’t the abbreviation for non-sufficient funds, but it could be. It’s for the National Storytelling Festival which runs October 3-5 this year. When I saw the one comic strip today that has the text about the day after tomorrow (top right), it reminded me that on the Thursday before the festival my sister and I used to head down to Jonesborough, Tennessee, so we could register early for the weekend at the National Storytelling Festival. We would spend an enjoyable drive to Tennesee the day before so we could begin Friday with a well-planned out itinerary and see as many storytellers as possible. My sister moved to Jonesborough last summer because of a job but will be moving soon… they decided they didn’t need her services any more. Nice after she moved there. She has been looking for a job for quite a while now and will have to move someplace soon. It figures, I was unable to visit her last year because of my illness and this year, I don’t have the money for gas, let alone the money to attend. I haven’t seen her since she came to help me out after my divorce in 2002, and the one place we could see each other and enjoy an entire weekend…I guess I just need to suck it up. I really do miss my sister. It gets harder as we get older, you know. Yeah, life can be so disappointing at times. It showed up in the anagram, surprised huh? Yeah, right.

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