lil’ chick

Chicken Licken’, a.k.a. Chicken Little, was hit on the head and went to tell the king that the sky was falling. I must say I have not seen the modern Disney version on the big screen, DVD or video, but I remember the story (1932 version) was my mother’s favorite. As a child I probably read the Golden Book version, though the artwork of the older version seems more familiar to my recall. We used to have a whole collection of bound children’s books, too, the Childcraft books, so that may have been where I read the story. It’s been awhile.

I remember the orange covers of the Childcraft books and one Hans Christen Anderson story in particular (that may or may not have been in the books) that has apparently affected me in my adult life. Seems I grew up to be the princess of the princess and the pea story. I have difficulty sleeping on a wrinkle let alone something the size of a pea. It’s probably the kidney cysts. The beau has taken to writing numbers on a piece of paper and sliding them under the mattress for a sleep number. Hmm, none seems to work, imagine that. Of course, I really have doubts that anyone would call me a princess, either. I really don’t have too many of the benefits that generally go with that.

I know it has little to do with why I post on Chicken Little. Chicken Little, “the proselyte” showed up in my anagram (yesterday) so yes, I am late in posting again. Call it a filler post which contains yesterday’s comic collage and the anagram, which is better after one has read through the comics (ahem), “It makes us think that a mysterious secret is stored in us. Lord. put senses in hand, made you use divine savant thought. You recognize divine human comes with or without Higgs Boson. I understand that Chicken Little’s a special proselyte.” A certain amount of nonsense makes the day go by faster. 😉

 I wrote about the storytelling festival (NSF) yesterday so stories are on my mind. obviously, I am not going this year.

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