ANAGRAM: You really can’t stand to be around that…lipsmacking is sometimes annoying. He’s not seen he ate like ex, that’s how he’s raised. Funny because how she’s shown truth…all hysterical.

Today’s anagram just goes to prove that every now and then it gets to me, that lipsmacking noise. My first husband did it and it drove me nuts. Thank God the kids don’t do that, too. Well, here I am again with someone whose habit of lipsmacking is even worse and sometimes I just want to scream when I hear it. Sometimes I have to laugh at how petty it seems to complain about it, too. It would be nice to have dinner out sometimes or just to enjoy dinner at home without all that. I have a choice, I could be listening to the dogs wolf things down instead..there’s only so much I can handle at once. I know, I shouldn’t let something like that bother me, but every now and then it does. I would like a little more civility in my life again. As it happened I was working on my anagram while I ate and suggestion being a powerful thing, the anagram was all about that. Text used for the anagram is in the yellow area of the collage.

Of course, the collage contains other references to previous posts, I especially enjoyed the “mental gymnastics” reference as mentioned in the post, seeing connections.

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