a couple of bats

If you wish to inspect my work then you see proof the hidden anagrams reference ordinary life.  You attend a holiness church. A few trust I use the word so you validate they came. I love I’ve got “batmobiles.” The “person” in these is switched from what I might normally do but I sometimes change things at the last moment. You’ll see it is slightly different than in the collage. Though the anagram says I have batmobiles, it isn’t exactly true, not THE batmobile, but I just received my new license plates for the cars. Seems my county will be filled with “bat” mobiles since the three letters on the plate are BAT. Some may call me an old bat, or batty, and some of my neighbors are batty, but now we’re all just bats I suppose. 😉

I meant to post this yesterday, about 7 PM actually, but then the computer was in use by another, which sometimes happens. Whatever else was on my mind will have to wait until later.

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