bullet holes

And now on to bullet holes. Fake ones actually. While I was driving around trying to find the sweeper guy (last post: sweepin’ up) I came to a stop behind a pick up truck with fake bullet holes on the back…decals, I imagine, rather than a paint job. I’m not sure why people want other people to think they have been shot at while in their vehicle. Is that something good? “…and not a shot has been fired”, I hear Brian Williams say (6:42 PM) as he goes to commercial break (NBC Nightly News). Pardon the synchronicity, sometimes I just write what I hear as I am typing something similar. Anyway…

After I came home from the sweeper shop I looked up bullet hole decals online. I figured the guys in front of me at the stop sign must have had the .50 caliber size. Oh boy. I did notice you can also purchase bird doo decals which I thought might be a good idea to cover over the rust holes on my vehicle’s hood. At least that might make sense. What else do you do with a half dozen rust holes?

One of these days I would like to have the car worked on. Something in the rain here has washed off a lot of the paint and created the holes in the hood. I only bought it because it was in decent shape and I needed a smaller vehicle. It is a 1995 model, though, so who knows where it was before I bought it. The convertible top has shrunk and it is pulling away from the frame, the back window no longer is sealed. Oh if I only had money again…

Well, even if I DID have money,  I will not be adding bullet holes or bird doo decals to my car.

As it happens, I ran across this comic strip when I came back from all my running around today:

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