sweepin’ up

I blew up my Hoover and the Oreck both in one day, both rollerbrushes. Fortunately, I was able to find a repair shop in town; the gentleman works out of his home and repaired it in a matter of minutes. There are advantages to living in a small town, as long as it has what you need. I told him I would buy my bags and belts from him from now on, too, rather than Walmart or someplace else. I rarely go to Walmart as it is, but like supporting the small businessman. I looked online, but the particular Hoover model number I have could not be found, though I did go ahead with ordering an Oreck part. I’m not sure if the guy actually had Oreck parts though he did have the bags available for them. He informed me I had one of the best vacuums available, from his perspective of course, meaning when it is working it is a great vacuum. It’s not self-propelled but it was funny it acted like it was with a new brushroller on it. I was warned it might do that. Fortunately, the whole sweeper thing was only temporary time out and I  am so pleased to be able to have it working again after a short visit to a neighborhood repair shop. Being the domestic goddess I am, it helps to have working equipment. 😉

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