a work out

“How do you know? it’s complicated, I’ll try to explain it to you with this illustration. By golly, I think you nailed that one. You are very strange. Where does it say that? If I spent a little more time with me I would know that.” That text is from the medium blue field in the collage below. The anagram says, “Brandy Ennulat is my witty pool therapist. She knew I had an accent. I liked  my pool work out with her; it’s fortunate they allow it. I told him I would show her one silly anagram …I text it to eye, you tell it…it got you to visit.

Yes, I am now doing one land and one pool visit at re-hab for six weeks. I already see some changes..I am constantly sore now. I know, no pain, no gain. In talking to the pool therapist (Brandy) today about anagrams she said she would need to see one. It is a little difficult to explain. I did this one today after therapy, and will give it to her next week when I visit. She gave me another good work out, though before all this vertigo, etc. ever happened, what I did today would be child’s play. That’s ok, I am making an improvement, little by little. And yes, she did notice my more northern accent. It becomes the clarifier in the anagram.

Here’s the comics collage for today.

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