10-10 II

Anagram: Bet there’s one possible upside for small towns in U.S., because it cost you less loot to live in one.  Oddly enough, that’s how we get by. Safety’s appealing in the older revived downtown neighborhood. I take it they accept it’s hidden in anagrams with witty creed. Coddle it.

I used the same letters from my last post, 10-10. Let’s just say my anagram kept talking to me; it was like a clarifier was needed from the same text. I went back to look at what I had written in the previous post (I have since changed it) and checked the text with an anagram checker on line (which I sometimes do for longer anagrams) and it showed a mistake, so I re-did it and then this came up, like a follow up. So, if it’s wrong, blame the anagram checker program at this point. I am tired of the same text.

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