Anagram: Actually, Dow trading numbers had to get low…before historic drop nobody was interested in listening to what could be happening with the U.S.economy…possible it’s too late now. They deceived investors out of hand…they kept selling Wachovia… see I listed sites eyed. It’s not like NObody was interested, but the right nobody wasn’t paying attention until things got out of hand. Now we are stuck with the largest bailout in history. Let’s go party at AIG! You know, someone other than the American taxpayer needs to take this hit. So many investors have been deceived and somehow the big wigs just keep filling their own pockets. Where will it all end? I am not one to talk money with, obviously, since I have none to talk about, but when I see anagrams like this come out of the random text in my comics collages, I think there must be someone trying to tell me (and the rest of ya’ll) something.

Today’s anagram comes from text within the pink rectangle, and shown below the collage in pink text. Just ruminatin’, as the cows sayListen up we’ve only got one shot at this so everybody needs to be focused and alert it could go either way i said im starting to be able to control it…why do we always do this…people were skeptical of bessies convenient switch to hinduism and the huge grin didnt help.”

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