tap tap tap

“It makes you wonder. He opened a xenon route to beam thoughts; he jammed echo location units on earth…old TV signals verify path was how the people who I talk to now used to drink river water.”

Hmmm, ya think we’re talking tap water here? I was bored and unable to sleep so I went back to the last collage to steal some other comic text from the last post for anagramming and this is what I came up with. All just a bunch of fantasy, uh huh, that’s right, what else could it be? This is the second anagram today, the one earlier mentioned argon light and now xenon came up. I must have aliens or gas on my mind…or maybe just the seeing the lights. I did watch Star Trek tonight, that one TV channel I get, you know, so maybe it’s some sort of beam stuck my subconscious mind. I was thinking about that old blue light special earlier, too.  😉  All I know is it is what it is, and I ain’t sayin’ nuttin’ mo.

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