blog action?

When I saw Baha’i come up in my anagram I knew something was up, so I did a quick search and found this related to an event today. It was hidden in the comics I chose to anagram. Go figure.

Well…You can look at them all day and try to figure out how I got that from the comics I chose. The text I used was, “So, professor, this must be the early hominid you described in your communication translation is that a good thing or a bad thing im not sure gotta run thats an exclamation question telling and command i think.” Can I explain it? No, not really.  I just go with the flow around here. It’s God’s message, not mine. The anagram says, “I use the expression rolling on floor ultimate laughter… I hear instant data transmission coming in on nbc… that quit…try us again…hidden door…Bahai community in mind doubt host has to comment… gate rocks today.” I know that probably does not make sense to anyone but me, as it is the raw data I received when I looked at the comics. 

I was aware of how I used an image of a book cover in my collage to show only part of the author’s name, and to me I saw ROFUL, which I translated to mean, Rolling on the Floor…Ultimate Laughter. It’s a little IM between me and the Big Guy, a clarifier, is what I call it. 

Bloggers everywhere – including people who write some of the most subscribed-to blogs in the world – will discuss the subject of poverty during the second annual Blog Action Day, set for 15 October. Maybe those in need will get something out of it all. WordPress has the poverty tag, too.

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