beyond your eye

Anagram: “Working high up…it’s beyond your eye. If after a woman affirms it’s an event and you are not yet sure then open a Bible to reveal the mystery. The faith may remember Daniel’s vision.” Daniel again, eh? The biblical Daniel showed up last week in my post Daniel 10:10 and 10:11. The text for the anagram comes from the bubbles outlined in green in the collage, “Then they freaked…I’ve never told anyone before but I have an imaginary friend. She says you were pumping her for information. Maybe it really isn’t so but it seems that way to me.”

Today’s collage:


It’s Thursday, so I am tired and sore today from the pool re-hab workout. What a wimp I am these days. Oh well…something is working for the legs, I am walking better. Now, if I could just stop the back pain and get walking again…

I showed the pool therapist, Brandy, the anagram I did for her last week (in my post a work out ) after my visit. I asked her to see if she could do something similar, if she understands the concept. I gave her the printout of the page that entry was on, so it will be interesting to see what she can come up with.

On tap this evening is the Ark of the Truth (Stargate movie). Hmmm, another Daniel…one who has visions. The movie came out this past spring. I’m sure there is something in the timing of getting it today. Now if I can just stop long enough to actually watch it. It’s been on the whole while I have been working on the entry, so time to go watch a while. Who knows what I have missed that might be important!

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