early to bed early to rise

Today’s anagram: “Up by sunrise today even though I work little. I knew focus was on human method not thought. I acted like that to decipher faith. We orbit star at night.” Hmmm, who do you think is “up there”? Of course, I have my opinion. The text anagrammed came from the comics in the purple field.

Though I was up before sunrise this morning, I don’t know about that healthy, wealthy and wise stuff.  I am very tired today; not sleeping well on that rock that seems to have found a home in my back. The beau offered me his hydrodocone (leftover after his second hip surgery) but I prefer not taking something that has not been prescribed for me personally. I don’t like taking anything if i can get by, though it is getting a bit ridiculous to be in this much pain all the time. Enough of that…enough of this, I am going back to bed to rest. I did another collage and anagram but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Isn’t one enough?

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