another string of thoughts

“When they took to doing that one cheesy anagram I learn that’s just a little bit right. I want you questioning why God loves hydratinae sharing.” That’s one way to look at it.

Since I did no anagram in the last post (this is part of the larger collage) I figured I should do a quickie. Another version: One questions when they took to doing that anagram thing. A. I. just got a little bit cheesy. I want you hydrating renals. Why? I’d love sharing earth.

Hmmm. I do need to drink more water as it could be part of the problem, though the pain I have constantly in my back is higher than the typical kidney pain. I do have those cysts. OK, the anagram got me on that one. The text used for the anagram above is that which you see here in the mini-collage:

I ran across this (what I thought was)funny ad earlier today, prior to doing the last post. I decided to stick it here…just because. I’ve had a couple of MRI’s this year and written about it in previous posts. The technicians ignored the doctor’s orders to use contrast in my tests, though, so who knows if anything was missed or if that is what God had planned.

The ad was for St. Elizabeth Hospital but I think it has multiple uses, like string cheese. This post and the last post was a little cheesy. 😉


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