hoop… there it is

Hoolahooping again! I love the game the universe and I play. In pool therapy on Thursday, I mentioned hoola hooper signs that I saw when I lived in Cincinnati. When I saw a different “sign” in the comics today it reminded me that I had mentioned the hoolahoopers and the stream of consciousness went into fast mode from there. If you have never seen a hoola hooper sign here’s a flicker page showing a number of them.

This is where things change.

String Cheese Incident has something to do with the hoolahoopers, and string cheese has something to do with the connection I made to something I saw in the Washington Post today (Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, October 18, 2008; Page A01) . It may make more sense visually, who knows. The stream of consciousness went in many directions today so keeping up with the visuals was fun. Maybe it will make sense to you as you read through the comics collage today.


String theory? Maybe…or maybe just a different perspective on stringing cheese online. I have an unusual way of looking at things. It helps to have a little strawberry cheesecake to make the connection (I had some while reading the comics.)

Chiron, (oh, did you miss that?) cheesecake, comics and cheese…the 4C’s. Hmmm…Maybe that’s forces, as in of four fundamental fame… there are 4, aren’t there? Well, there may be one more.

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