try to keep up

I almost need to diagram to do the comics today. You’ll like this. At 8:30 this morning, the faint smell of cotton candy wafted in the air. Cotton candy…you know, that sticky sugary concoction made for the carnival or fair. There are no fairs in the area today. Was someone making cotton candy for breakfast? No…but then again, maybe I only THINK I smelled cotton candy. I have been wrong before.

Since church starts at 10, I get to showering and dressing a little after 9AM. I generally try to get most of the comics out of the way prior to going to church, but sometimes have to finish when I get home. I had just finished with Over the Hedge when the odor of cotton candy became so overwhelming I had to go look for a photo to put into the middle of the comics collection I had at that point, which was about 8:30, so I wrote it down above the photo. Because I am used to documenting you see the documentation of things here, to some extent. When I copy and paste the history remember it goes from the bottom to the top. So I got a cotton candy photo and went back to the comics. At Peanuts I made another connection. Can you tell? I also added the word smell to the search box but did not search. Oh I know, I am a strange one.

After reading through that site I went to another site for more comics, documenting of course, and collecting comics for the collage, some of which are being used to tell the sequence rather than being used in the collage itself today.

 At some during my comics reads I did get an email from ReynoldsUnwrapped cartoonist, Dan Reynolds, with a lot of comics, but did not open it until I came back from church. No cartoons from the email are used in this entry though I did copy the time of the email, which you see at the bottom of the jpg below.

By the time I got to Little Dog Lost, I had quite a few comics in the file for the day’s collage. Part of that particular comic strip mentioned a smell, so I copied it. Of course, the context is often different in the comic strip it blends with my collage. It was actually nine comic strips before I got to today’s online Reynolds Unwrapped cartoon. I made a file for it immediately, knowing I could use it when I got around to today’s blog entry. It shows a wolf holding a white cotton candy saying, “How come this sheep tastes like sugar?”

I just laughed; who else would do this but me?  You will notice, I stopped to get a GMT screen shot before reading the last two comic strips.

 Why do I do all of this? Why not. And now I need to work on the regular collage and anagrams for the day before going back to church at 6. Before then though, I just wanted to make a connection

between this post and the last one (another string of thoughts) using part of one of today’s comics, Secret Asian Man. Maybe you’ll see one of the connections a little easier now.

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s larger collage, it’s a doozy.

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