a different anagram

An anagram by any other name would be a real person whose name was the same.

While watching the Today Show I heard a story (in a new segment called First Aid Today) about someone whose name sounded like the word anagram… something I do every day, of course, so as it turned one of the people in the segment was a lovely young lady named Anna Graham. I decided since there was a video and a story in print already, I would use that little play on words, and make a connection to the comics collage and anagram of the day. I couldn’t help but notice the flying flag in the video’s background (at the Red Cross facility where the rescuee in the segment met his rescuer.  There is a little flag waving in my larger collage today too, (which will be in my next post). I did use a couple of parts of the comics, since the “conversation” lent itself to do so. I notice little things. Thought you might like the coincidence.

EVERYONE should take a Red Cross CPR class…it could save a life of someone that would otherwise not make it.

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