a reader

A reader means that you actually read the comics here. In the post try to keep up there was a mention of cotton candy and carnivals…something in my active imagination, and well, there is that title. So this picks up where I left off there, and whatever was in between gave hint to that which is in this collage. I mentioned a background flag in the previous entry and that it gave a connection to this entry. It is small, but you can see it if you look…as are other connections. It’s all part of the stream of consciousness that runs through my collages and anagrams. No, I did not yet post today’s anagram, saving it for a separate post. I posted a few posts already, and sometimes it is just easier that way when I am flooded by information.

There is a card that hangs on the wall next to my little computer corner. Inside my daughter has written thanks for the wisdom and love I have given her. I thought I would share that because it makes another connection to today’s collage. Another card hangs in the living room. It says Wisdom is Knowing what to do next.

I’m glad the universe knows so I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.  😉

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