headless neurons

Martian habitat predates yours. Using real words is quite an annoyance but worth it to show reason by eye. We’ve proven that molecules of life bond—neurons can “think” without “heads”—but WHO KNEW how I’d read her world?”

I pictured these giant amoebic types wandering about, their day-to-day living in some subterranean vesicles….Oh boy, now I’ve done it. I wish the universe would stop throwing words at me! Part of the anagramming I am not using in this post “showed me” a subterranean world (in words) but I chose not to use that. Today’s (well, actually yesterday’s that I did not post) anagram comes from a tiny little comics collage I did yesterday, as you see below. I came up with a number of anagrams that were scientific in nature, but not necessarily something I could follow through on, since I am no scientist and don’t really understand some of the stuff I read in my own anagrams. I am often lead to do that Occam Razor thing that plays in my head. Keep it simple, they say. OK. So I did.

Somehow a graphic of a headless being walking about seemed something more suited to a Halloween post, but I’m sure science is already aware that some headless creatures can (at least in theory) ambulate, even if only for a short time, so the brain-in-the-jar thing, being the other end, so to speak, isn’t too much of a stretch either. Of course, every creature in the universe does not resemble those found on earth, so whatever one’s imagination comes up with could be closer to the truth than one might want to admit. It’s not too much of a stretch to make the connection between bands and bonds, is it, but a mass of headless neurons…ehhhh, maybe, maybe not.

More nonsense you say, just another one of her goofy anagrams. Maybe…but headless neurons? If it’s Wednesday it must be headless neurons? Who thinks of that? Somebody did, obviously. I did a quick live search, “headless neurons” and decided to use this article as proof, from the NYTimes. Hmmm, I had never read that story before, so found the parallels interesting.  I really did not wish to read further on this particular subject but can appreciate that once again, anagrams have brought something to my attention in a real way. 😉 Enjoy:

Now on to today’s comics…

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