who knew TODAY

Waddaya mean who knew? Today Show’s WHO KNEW knew something new. I don’t normally watch the last hour but the TV was on so I heard Kathie Lee and Hoda say WHO KNEW at the same time, right after I put the last post on, a little after 11AM this morning. I guess they started this new segment today.

I couldn’t help but be distracted when Kathie Lee Gifford was asking someone a question that people were passing a little stuffed animal, a pink critter of some sort, behind the guy’s back. I’m sure the owner was happy it had its moment of fame on TV. I checked out the video on the Today Show website, capturing the little critter next to her in a freeze frame. Score one for the pink pranksters. I added it to my comics collage.

Because I didn’t want to get too confusing, or the heck of it, I looked too see if there was a “who knew” on my blog, actually looking to see if there was any entry specifically titled that way and found there was one called who knew written a while back. Some things never get old, though, so it may be worth checking it out. It was interesting what the search came came up when I searched the blog. 

So to answer, who knew… now you do.

Don’t forget to READ the comics in today’s collage.

Who knew? Well, now you do… I’ll anagram later.

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