last stop?


The Delta Queen’s final stop in Madison, Indiana was today. They were supposed to be in at 8:00 AM and depart at 1PM, but as of 8:30 AM who knows where the boat was. I was in the middle of my comics collage (at Grizzwells) when I heard the long low whistle of an approaching boat…at 10:44. I then heard the calliope playing This Land is Your Land…I changed clothes and jumped in the car, unfortunately sans camera, hoping to borrow my friend’s camera or ask if she was going to go to the riverfront.

As I got to the riverfront and started to turn I saw my friend walking down the concrete drive to the river. I was able to park right there and I spent the morning talking with my friend (Darlene) on the riverbank while she took photos. I came home a little bit, the beau brought the camera back so I went back to the riverfront again. I just got back about 3 (after the boat departed). I have no photos to share as of yet, because I have no way to download them, so I will need to post those when I get that accomplished. I took a photo every couple of seconds as it turned down river, pretty much every angle, too, so when I get the photos will probably have a lot. Those of us who love the Delta Queen never have enough photos. If I had a bucket list that would be on it, to have taken a cruise on the Delta Queen, but I never could afford it. I have never been on any kind of cruise, unless the Wakulla River cruise counts.

Those interested, you still have a few days to write or call regarding Senate bill S. 3498; ask your U.S. Representative to support H.R. 3852, and let’s Save the Delta Queen!


***Photos added 10/23/08:

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