Wakulla and more

“What causes the Wakulla Springs alligators to stay on one bank? You know they go in the water. Edward Ball bought that huge estate. I cannot know what toons to anagram; I know HOW. You in the book of life boat?” That anagram came from comic bubbles text, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. OK, How long are we not gonna talk about what we’re not talking about? They’re so-o-o annoying. How does that affect us? Problem? What the heck’s this all about? As I was saying…” 

Somewhere around the time of headless neurons I made a binding connection (bands and bonds and bounds, oh my) and that continues in a subtle way through my collages and anagrams today (these are actually yesterday’s comics). Yesterday’s toons were not posted because I got busy with other things. And I made a connection through this collage to something else mentioned, in the godwits and pinks. Some will notice,,,but there’s more.

Using the text from the collage I anagrammed something mentioned in the last stop? post…Wakulla Springs. My family and I went to the Wakulla Springs Park years ago, on a very hot August day in the year 2000, right before my mother died. The water was icy cold (about 70 degrees) but once we got used to it, it felt great! We did not realize that alligators were prevalent in the area, lining the opposing bank, until we went on the boat ride and were told that a Tarzan movie had been filmed there. My mother loved Tarzan movies. The Creature from the Black Lagoon was there, too.

When we asked about the alligators on the other side, we were told they just do not cross there, even though they swim in the same waters. I suppose we, like all the others swimming there, were just crazy to do so. People have been doing it for years, so it must be safe. We never gave it a second thought, really. We did take that glass-bottomed boat ride, seeing that there was really nothing to keep them from coming to the swimming area on the bank on which the lodge sits. I have often wondered about this.

I was reminded today when all this showed up in the anagram, after posting a mention of Wakulla Springs yesterday. I read in the link I provided that there was fencing around the area, but I did not see any where I was, where the deep water and the cave is. It may have just been well hidden. but even the glass bottomed boat ride showed no fencing in the crystal clear water. When we visited there was some underwatercave mapping going on. According to the park brochure, “A Word About Alligators–The Wakulla River is home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, including alligators. These animals reside in an area protected from human intrusion and may be dangerous. Swim in the designated area only.

Good idea.

I hear You Can Ring My Bell on the Ellen Show as I type. She says, yeah you heard me…and I am reminded to also post the other little collage done, which also makes the connection to yesterday’s post…the bell did ring before the boat left yesterday. That was the only time I have ever heard the DQ bell. I still have today’s comics collage to put together…next post.


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