tomatoes and sage connection

“All intuition a “ten” so far, not many americans brought “sage” and tomatoes in…best cartoon on astral radio signal.” I did bring my tomatoes and sage in yesterday, as a matter of fact. I was thinking of sharing some of the sage with members of church this evening, those that are interested. I also dug up the single basil and rosemary plants in the yard, but  did not mention those in the anagram…there’s only so much one can put into a small anagram. Actually the text used was from yesterday’s comics, just re-arranged again. I had to finish the “peculiar” connection from yesterday, but did include a few comics from today in the collage.

I had never heard of the SAGE observatory or the SAGE neutrino projects before looking them up today. I did so because of the SAGE connection from the comics text. I realize few would get this connection via the same route I did. Yesterday I posted (peculiarly spectacular) about the Hubble Telescope’s photo but then something kept bothering me about the “peculiar” ARP 147. I looked it up because I was getting the words double star from the anagram too, which got me thinking. So I looked up double stars and I did find a SAGE connection at that point as well as a few other mentions on ARP 147 on the internet. Here are a few, though not all the links I browsed on the subject of ARP 147:

A few Harvard links: The galaxy Arp 147 belongs to a class of objects believed to have formed a ring as a result of a collision with a second galaxy. (…399L..51G)

Ring Galaxies:Notes from Observatories:….90..153C

A Model for Ring Galaxies:…23.1391G

Near Infrared Imaging…:…19.1032M and…23..953S (best of ARP) aka

 Bringing in the sage, so to speak is just in the timing. I could appreciate there was a Russian-American sage connection of solar neutrinos, too. It’s all just a matter of degrees, isn’t it?

I did find there was a discrepancy in the name ARP 147 , as it is sometimes shown as IC298 as well. But then, I ain’t no scientist, ya know. 😉

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