full of self & the 3 little pigs?

It’s been revival week at the Madison Pilgrim Holiness Church, courtesy of the visiting Reverend Steven Cassady and family. Their two children, ages five and two, are cute little redheads that sing along with their parents during praise. Amazingly articulate children. My neighbor couldn’t wait to get one of their family’s cassettes. God love my neighbor. She and I went out Friday night after church with another set of neighbors…she had a hankering for Subway on Halloween night. So they graciously drove us, and we split a sub, got a few stares from kids. “Death on stilts” and some other costumed individuals scared her a little whilst we were out (trick or treaters on Main Street), but otherwise she enjoyed herself. I missed Tuesday evening’s service due to a re-hab workout, and this morning just too much back pain, but I’m resting up for this evening’s service. All the activity lately makes it more difficult to recuperate in a short time. Anyway…

The visiting preacher gave a sermon on Friday evening that was based on the three little pigs and the bible’s text about building on the solid foundation of Christ. It was a different take on things. He also used the older version of the story wherein each little pig was eaten, not escaping to his brother’s house and everyone living happily ever after.  In order to be a good preacher one must also be a good storyteller. It was a good Halloween scare story, since many practically jumped out of their seats a couple of times when he sacred them. This bunch doesn’t do trick or treating.

On Saturday, when I went through cartoons, I remembered seeing the Grizzwells cartoon which was about being “full of one’s self”, and sure enough, the Saturday evening sermon was in part a list of things Rev. Cassady had written down as “You might be full of yourself if…”  I’d love to have a copy of his notes. My mind sometimes wanders and went the way of Jeff Foxworthy a moment before coming back to the sermon. He did hit on the “holier than thou thing” that I can always appreciate, not that I am holier than thou, but it is a point of contention I have about religion in general, how people forget that is not a good thing to think of one’s self as better than the next guy, be it in religion, relationship or the neighborhood. It was the quietest service I have ever been in. Apparently a nerve was hit. Overall, it was a pretty good service, the three little pigs too. I wonder what I missed this morning? Well, I need a good long hot bath and some rest…I am sure the Lord understands.

So here is my comics collage for this particular subject, as I will have to do the other comics collage later, if I can get to it and and anagram something…otherwise it will be tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the sage (mentioned in previous posts) sits at the church in a basket in the foyer. I doubt anyone knows what to do with it, even though I printed out a little information about what it is used for (in cooking).  Oh well.

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