Indian Head Rock


Indian Head Rock came to my attention this morning via a quick news byte. I only heard a second so I looked it up. Here’s an article and video about it from March 2008. I guess I missed that one. Could be that I live in Indiana and have only one TV channel. The rock used to be IN the river (Indian Head Rock is an eight-ton boulder that used to sit in the middle of the Ohio River near the town of Portsmouth, Ohio.) and was removed from the river by someone who knew it was there (Steve Shaffer ). Here’s a great article on it, which contains an original newspaper article from 1908. The site from where it was brought up is one of a number of petroglyph sites known to be in the river. Actually, had he not removed it, it would probably have been forgotten about, or eroded by the constant movement of water if nothing else. But there has been dispute over the rock since it was found and removed from the river.  Go figure… discoveries are like that, everyone wants to “own” them. So there is a property fight going on, with the guy who brought it up maybe facing jail time.

Back in the 1800s, people used to come out to see the face on the rock, presumably carved by local Indians. People used to visit the rock in the river until about 100 years ago, when the river was dammed and the rock was flooded over. You would think they WOULD have preserved it at the time they flooded the river, or that some government official would have done something in all this time to fetch it. It’s much easier to punish the little guy for saving it though. You know, it’s because someone remembered that rock that it was saved. I wonder if it will wind up back in the bottom of the river. It’s an interesting story.

As an aside…bubbling

I changed my header yesterday. I took an old photo which probably came from one of those HiRISE mailings I got sometime back in March, 2008, cut it in the center and mirror one of the halves for the effect you see…adding one of my little friends. I have this thing for mirroring the random photo, which in this case gave me the effect of something underwater. 😉


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