lassoed gecko

 Seems like somebody lassoed a new gecko. Maybe…One of nine eggs carried out from the jungle canopy of Espiritu Santo is shown with it’s former inhabitant, a Lepidodactylus buleli. Ivan Ineich, on expedition in the South Pacific, found the eggs, wrapped them in wet Kleenex, packed them into a pillbox and carried them home to Paris. A friend raised the cute little critters until a power outage killed all but one of the baby geckos.

I was a little unsure, the way the article was written, if these were eggs found and hatched recently or from an expedition in 2006 which the article says “led” to the discovery. See the article (Published: 3 hours ago, 10:31 EST, November 08, 2008 )

Meanwhile…in yesterday’s post (rockagram) I inserted an unusual critter into the middle of my comics


collage, a “super raptor” . Hard to say why I went there, but if you look at the collage you will probably notice I was playing same or different at the time. 

Funny, I was just looking at geckos and lizards yesterday and came across this cartoon today (which I altered to remove the carcass).

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