I let the stream of consciousness and the toons take me where they wanted to go in a slightly different fashion. I used my quantum entanglement process to go from one thing to the next. I started with the cabinet with the cord dangling off the edge from one comic and built around it.


Easy enough to understand right? Do you see how I cut part of one comic, mirrored a half and came up with something that is recognizable as something else? If not, c’est dommage. I will not explain it further.

It dawned on me that there was another collage waiting in the comics today, one that is somewhat more difficult to explain, but I can start by saying the last thing in yesterday’s collage was the “request” to saying something French. I just did that, but I do so in another way. The split and mirrored black and white panel above gives a hint that a fountain plays into my string of thoughts. In the collage below I put my cipher skills to use.

From the entangled skein I went into a quantum entanglement, then to an old story I wrote years ago called Tingle Tangle. In my head I have pictured a hamster on a wheel. Oh, I know it sounds pretty far out but it gets me there.


From tingle-tangle I get the game conkers, which is a British game played by two players, each with a conker (a horse chestnut) threaded onto a piece of string. Players take turns hitting the other’s “conker” until one breaks. I would call the conker a buckeye.  I come from Ohio, so I know that.

The name “conker” comes from the dialect word conker, meaning hard (related to French conque meaning a conch ), as the game was originally played using shells. The name may also be influenced by the verb conquer, as the game was also called conquerors.

Maybe this will help. In June 2003 I took a roll of film in downtown Cincinnati a few years back, as part of a conversation with God. The two photos were pearly-keycombined in a file. In one photo the pearls and key were in a storefront window. The other photo was of a newspaper box, with an illustration of the Genius of Water holding two plug ends. The headline was Are We Connected? The entire roll of film answered. You see where that cord on the cabinet took me today…in a nice little circle.

You may have noticed the last thing in the previous post’s collage was Say something French. Conque is French. 😉

I actually have mentioned the conch before and there’s a link in my post the Lord’s saucer that takes you to the Last Pearl.

Since I titled my ltuneupast post just toon’in, I easily noticed that today on Livescience, a video about robot guitars, The Next Step in Tuning Up. I was not aware there was such a thing as robot guitars (since I don’t play guitar) but it sounded like the professionals appreciate them, according to the video, at least.

That’s all in the reality department.

No anagrams. You’ll have to wait.

Chuck is on as I ready my post, talking about “re-connecting”…just a teeny synchronicity, though.

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