toonin’ ahead of time

“We found water on Mars; we’ve begun to see how Jesus gave her one hour to label batter “ahead of time”. Some agree Spirit and Opportunity eye One key of Holy Ghost put here…choose to use Truth.”

Text for the anagram is in the wine colored outline. Back in conkered there was some to do about chestnuts and buckeyes because conkers is played with such. I was pleased to be able to use part of a comic strip that used a chestnut since then.

This collage was done on the 12th but I did not post. It was the anniversary of my mother’s death, so I got lots of input and another collage or two.


The batter in the anagram refers to a page I recently lost on netscape, called “ahead of time”, since AOL has closed its homepages. One of the pages contained a photo I took in Cincinnati a few years ago, a photo of Spirit and Opportunity, and Luke 10:1, which is, “After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go.” When I took the photo I saw the “batter’s bat” tip was next to the number 70 in a store window behind the sculpture. It was an easy bible reference. In the past couple of days I have collected my files and am putting a couple of those pages on my blog here because they are an interesting perspective, not just the usual anagrams I put on here day after day. The batter photo is linked in the text in the previous entry, one hour and a roll of film, which was part of one of my “conversations”. To connect the collage you probably need to go back a few posts, just toon’in .

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