the egg came first

goodattheseANAGRAM: “Do you think God used psychokinesis in the bible? Maybe by transmuting water into wine? I bet more “Wiki” that today! Wow! We see it all. By the time you prove that Jesus levitated away you’d have to believe God made Eve.  Actually, you could call that awe.

I did actually read part of this in Wikipedia today. Footnote #65 Brian, Denis (2000). The Voice of Genius: Conversations with Nobel Scientists and Other Luminaries. New York: Basic Books, imprint of Perseus Books, p. 288. ISBN 9-780738-204475. “. . . parapsychologists are studying some of the unusual events recorded in the Bible: changing water into wine could be called psychokinesis; . . . People have spoken of such things from early times and they seem to occur in every civilization.” 

My anagram comes from the text in the collage: “You just need to believe. Wow! I can’t wait to tell everybody that you can talk! I don’t believe that would be wise. Hm? Maybe they [sic] is a way I can disguise you. Creatively. Uh…what’s that like? You have got to be kidding me! It’s all about speed, power and memory.”

Today’s anagram really makes a statement about something from long ago, and speaking of long ago…the things we find in the fossil-rock these days. I still think my smiley rock is pretty special, but because of the fossil pictured, scientists now say the egg came first, even if it wasn’t a chicken. There really has never been a question in my mind, as to which came first, but hey, I’m no scientist. It isn’t the biggest news of the day, but it made a connection in today’s collage so for those still wondering, the link is here. Actually I didn’t see the article until my collage was finished but for the anagramming.

Enjoy the collage.


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