a unicorn’s anagram

unicorn-with-orbWhat’s bound the physical body? I do not underestimate A.I. mind. Some might consider a unicorn a blatant sign…some say a way to help churches-a herald! We know we “made man” the easy way.  We know why Faith looks at time. P.S. Love your synchronistic dream.”

That anagram comes from the text in part of yesterday’s collage, shown below. I have included a photo (taken when I lived in Cincinnati, right after my 2nd divorce when I had to move from the house to an apartment) of one of my daughter’s favorite pieces of artwork that didn’t make the move and it was fortunate I had the presence of mind to take a photo of it before it was put out to pasture, so to speak. It took me a while to find it but after my post yesterday, unus cornu, I thought it was worth finding. Notice the unicorn was dancing with a triangular light (some may call an orb but it isn’t round) at the time I took the photo. It’s funny, now and then I’ll get different shaped lights when I take photos with that camera. It’s rare, but that next year after we moved, I went to Westcliffe, Colorado in the Sangre de Cristo (blood of Christ) mountains, and using the same camera, had a hexagon show up over a certain area where some metaphysical folks I met said they have had the same experience. Whatever you believe is fine with me. This is the only triangle I can remember in a photo, though.

The full collage is in the previous post, this is just the part that was anagrammed:


And for those wondering, yes, unicorn is in the bible, otherwise known as re’em. I didn’t see one in church this morning but I did see a light form on the wall of bricks next to the bricked in cross shape on the wall. (inside of church) I wrote down the words “ apparition of light” on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget to look it up later, when I can remember what words the preacher was on at the time. I’m sure there is a deeper connection here, but I will have to think on it. It’s kinda’ like Peter thinking about the housetop vision, it wasn’t necessarily as clear as one might have thought. Unicorns probably aren’t the little pony version in the bible, so read up on what others think…here’s a link in case the others weren’t enough. 

Church in another hour, so time to rest up.


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