a son’s sign

“Since she went first, who is it that told the man on the today show his mom was in heaven? I got that sign, hope you did, too. Lord equips you to the last hour, use data.”


Text used for today’s anagram was, “Hypothetical question…gimme a pen…i haven’t said what it is. I’m not so sure you want to do that. You should learn how to do these things first.”

I had just watched a story in which a son said his mother gave him a message from heaven (on Everyone Has a Story, MSNBC’s Kathie Lee/Hoda hour) on the Today Show. He said he got a  “sign” right after she died. It’s a wonderful story, especially to hear his telling, so I posted the video link about the story. After I did the link something made me notice a commercial on the TV. I saw a captioned phone conversation on the next TV commercial, which was for CapTel. The text on the phone said, “Dr. Carpenter’s office, may I help you?” Hmmm, Jesus was a carpenter, wasn’t He? That’s the connection I made, in more ways than one. What connection did you make in all of this?


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One Response to a son’s sign

  1. Rick says:

    Well, Cosmic Bubbles, this is a weird hobby. It’s very complex and synchronicitous. Is that a word? Anyway, very interesting.

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