name that rover


NASA is looking for the right stuff or in this case, the right name for the next Mars rover. Here’s another contest for kids to name yet another rover, between 11/18/2008 – 1/25/2009. I’m a little slow in posting these things.

Using the last text for anagramming from the post universe-pictionary (That’s the spirit! That surprised you didn’t it? Probability… it’s about trying to predict the outcome of a future event by looking at out comes of past events.) I make the connection via anagram:

“Today, at top of post I’d point you to the “right stuff” site; it’s the story byte about name the rover contest, Universal pictures built a big park…I’d document it.”

The comics used are from the 18th, the day the contest began. I’m under the weather so things are taking a little longer right now, but I am making the effort to keep the connections rolling.

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