once upon an anagram

cmlrhLeaving off with the thought of the little red hen in  the last post… something came up.  I was really looking for a good little red hen story link and came upon something else and said, sure, why not, just go with the flow. It looked like an old video when I saw the it opening and decided to watch. A witch (in a helmet of all things) captured a librarian and then the storytelling began. The video was titled, Once Upon a Time Episode 2-Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen. Of course, I had never heard of this Nebraska Department of Education thriller before, but I know how libraries sometimes play into the scheme of things. 😉 I was entertained for a few minutes while I lay sick in bed. Waddya’ want?

 Well, as it turned out, it was the little red hen (with a pair of scissors) and the mean old fox instead, which apparently was exactly what I was supposed to see so it would go along with the anagram (below) from the collage (I posted the collage in the last entry).

Anagram: “God willing, Jesus will always lead… We believe they’d answer talk. Really glad you don’t see a cock, mouse and a little red hen. What was it you actually got? Another hen’s story.”

Text used for the anagram is in the last collage I posted in polly put the kettle on: “Signal? Really? A listened-to kettle always whistles…well you didn’t hear them say it wasn’t accurate did you? Well, glory Hallelujah and now we’ve got a good reason.”

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