a cornice connects

cornice-cat“Showing off the copper repro the beau made today my bedroom lighting makes it look silvery. You see how artistic talent turns ordinary metal into a luxury item. Savvy Paris proof got Atlas Shrugging. Goofingoogle’s shown one key sign: spoon.”

That anagram comes from using the text , “Being a guy who knows how to look out for himself, a priority male, you might say-I bet you’ve put your stamp of approval on some first class lodging. Oh yes…Letter carriers and dogs living together…next on Springer. Yeah, it’s gonna take some doing.”

Yesterday’s post made a stamp connection, as well as carriers so it was just too easy to use those comics today, but I did anyway. Sometimes obvious is fun, too.  Now for some other connections.

cornice-view-aThe beau made a replacement cornice for the church I attend. I took a photo of it before it left the house today. I noticed one of the photos cornice-viewb(using the logicam in the bedroom on a dark, dreary, rainy day) made it look like it was part copper and part silver. I knew it was the lighting but I also immediately understood it offered another opportunity. It would be part of an anagram for today.

I had already done the collage by that time and had even chosen the text and started anagramming, but since I was interrupted with the presentation of the cornice and spent a couple of minutes taking a photo or two, it made itself part of the anagram. If I concentrate on something enough it becomes part of reality around here.

 The goofingoogle part of the anagram ties two things together actually, the Eiffel Tower and the goof in google. They are both part of old webpages of mine, and I really need to do a post about them but for now I will give you the links and you can see if you can figure it out yourself.

The Eiffel page was apparently done February 2005, judging from what I wrote. There are a lot of coincidences with photos. Some of the links don’t work since they were on aol hometown pages, but one of them contained a photo of something I found in the creek. It’s the photo I’ll call, “can you hear me now?”. I found it on another site.

The goofingoogle is a single page with a strange perspective on a “goof in google”, of sorts. This part of the page will give you the connection in the anagram, though.


Enough of all those things. Here is the day’s collage in which more connections come together.

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