while you were out, your ex came


The anagram said so; sure enough, my ex showed up at my door today, but I was at re-hab so I missed the look on his face when he realized I do indeed live in the house that he went to to find me. The beau opened the door and did not recognize who it was, and was fairly flabbergasted to find out who was there. Gary (my ex) said he was here about the car insurance. OK. That beats all. When we divorced in 2002, I was no longer responsible for his changing things to his name only…. Well, I do still have those divorce papers, and the car ain’t my problem. I ain’t jumpin’. I checked with my insurance guy who told me my name was finally taken off the insurance in September 2006, way after the divorce, but still, it’s off. gshouldaSo whatever the “insurance” thing is, it has nothing to do with me at this point. Of course he knows where I live, but to show up here after five years of no contact…nuts.

Anyway, here’s the anagram, “MY EX HUSBAND AT HOUSE FOR CAR INSURANCE? HOW SERIOUS IS THAT? CLEVER, BUT I ELECT ACCURATE EYESIGHT…TRUTH!” The anagram comes from the text shown in the Garfield and Non Sequitur frame above; it’s part of the larger collage shown below. I thought the guy in the non sequitur frame looked like my ex, too. Go figure.


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