a real fix

pretty-sneakyANAGRAM: “A man knocked at Vickie’s door…It’s what I’d call a sneaky Pete. Jesus saw him coming. A light of heaven interrupts. A.I. await until I connect postscript’s data. They ought to know that I am back. A mother’s eye showed, This is how I go when I go like this.'” The first part of the anagram makes the connection to something that occurred and was told in recent posts where my ex showed up at my door. My mother would call that a “sneaky pete” move, an unscrupulous sort of thing. My mother used to have this weird little illustration of a guy who looks like he is going in two different directions at the same time saying, “this is how I go when I go lke this”, (something my ex always thought was funny) and she always said she’d “be back”. I’ve made this connection before. I know she’s always there, just like God is always there. The signs certainly show me that. In the middle of the anagram I “understood” there to be a mistake in a previous post, wherein I had the jpeg showing one anagram and the text showing another, so I corrected it. I have done that before, made mistakes that is, and just left things as is, but made a notation. In this case, I wanted to make sure that was corrected since it was in a unicorn’s anagram. Apparently it was the day I was getting ill, so maybe I was not as observant as usual. Nice of the universe to let me know it needed fixing. It does that sometimes.


Comic text used for anagramming was “Can i come in? knock knock slam now showing, so to speak… yeah i saw the script. it does not say that. i’m in. wow that did the trick. a ha  this is a set up, right? is that what you believe? it’s all i can do to keep from laughing… wait, just give me a second here.”

Yes…the comics do make me laugh.

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