Sunday…church day and all, I didn’t get much else done but church, cooking, eating, a collage, church again and some catching up on e-mails. nuttystuffI decided NOT to post a collage and anagram done on the 29th, but I will keep it in the file in case it’s needed to “bridge” something. Sometimes I forget when I do that, and refer to something no one else has seen and then have to make the connection in a backtrack. Uh, yeah…I guess that happens more often than you know…that I make connections no one else sees. Well, anyway…the anagram was mostly about my mom and God and passing messages along to me (from the other side), something about Mars and the Holy Ghost and something about a sneak peak…well, let’s just leave it for now. There is a connection to that in today’s collage.

Church this morning was a real moving experience, I found myself standing at one point during a song when most everyone else, save for a few saints, was sitting…I guess the HG was busy. It was a day when John 3:16 was what it was all about, for the preacher and me. Today was one of those days I put $3.16 in a triangle fold twice (noticing the dollar bills were J, K, and L (a.k.a.10-11-12) and the other three dollars together spelled BEE. It reminded me of bees, the bee dances, and honey, as in the bible, and then of course, the little book in the bible…well, you get it, I’m sure. If not, look it up! ~That connection is in the collage.

I did a collage today but no anagram yet. I am a bit worn out today. So I put up the reader (collage) and let things go from there.


 The clock in the collage is what time I heard the song What About Now and then It’s the End of the World As We Know It…so they figured in. It gave me a couple of bible references, Rev 1:10 (which gave a connection to the preacher asking only the trumpets to replay one of the verses of a song today) and then I got 10:9 (Rev 10:9) by doing the math, but I can’t explain how math works in my head…it’s not exactly mathematics, it’s more Ma-thematics. Seems like a good name for a post, eh?  😮

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