The number thirteen, symbolizing the 13 original colonies, shows up 13 times on a dollar bill. According to Wikipedia:

  • 13 total letters/digits in both 1776 (4) and its Roman Numeral equivalent MDCCLXXVI (9)
  • 13 stars above the eagle
  • 13 steps on the Pyramid
  • 13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS
  • 13 letters in E PLURIBUS UNUM
  • 13 vertical bars on the shield
  • 13 horizontal stripes at the top of the shield
  • 13 leaves on the olive branch
  • 13 berries on the olive branch
  • 13 arrows
  • 21 instances of the letter N
  • 13 berries on the front of bill
  • 13 elements on either side of the base of Washington’s portrait (8 leaves, 5 berries)
  • I only happen to have twenty-two bucks in my possession at this time, and what I get out of that is this:

    he-moneyIn looking at the 8 +5 on the dollar bills it equals 13 and the two notes together spell “HE” using the fed’s seals letters. The twenty plus two put me in Revelation 22.  It does not escape me that the two things sitting on top of the desk in the photo are part of an Arby’s food ad and a small book, which add to the read “CHOICE COMBO” and a little gift book from http://peterpauper.com/, IRISH WIT AND WISDOM.

    Today’s collage makes a couple of connections to the last two posts (newsy connections  and ma-thematics. ) Yesterday I looked at an old photo file of pictures taken at the riverfront a couple of years ago. The three photos that were in the file were of a lightbulb and two tic-tac-toes found that day. So when I came upon a tic-tac-toe in the comics and a light bulb moment too…well, it was easy to start there with the collage.


    All I can say is the information I got out of all this came down to one thing 22:13. You can be sure there’s something in “a revelation!” As you can see, I put my money there. 😉

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