newsy connections

Anagram: “What a rare connection!  Way to go Sunday…God showed Vickie the “noteworthy bee”, the Rialto truth…Got to get that moss out! Yes, faith eases pain, V, but the tattiest house?”

The “noteworthy bee” refers to the $3.16 I had Sunday morning, written about in the ma-thematics entry. There is also a “bridge” reference in that entry. I saw a video today about Venice, the City of water underwater . The Rialto Bridge is the most famous Venice bridge, isn’t it? There was an article today on Livescience about the iceman having ingested a number of mosses prior to his death. And I doubt few would quibble that I live in the tattiest house they’ve ever seen…and yes, without faith I would’ve succumbed to depression long ago.

And these connections come from the collage I did yesterday from yesterday’s comics. Text used for the anagram: “ooo, let’s see what I missed. That can’t be right…you have to get used to the way they speak…then try to figure out what the conversation was about…i don’t get this cartoon.”


I guess I will catch up to today’s collage and anagram at some point.

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