sentients via faith

Anagram: “To think that cosmic bubbles found out about sentients via faith…you could’ve guessed that you have a less hydrogenous atmosphere than us. We eyed that story that your ex lied Tuesday…it just changed how I view this site.”

I could have played a little more with the text but left it at that. The text comes from the entire text shown in the collage today. With whom could I be having a conversation? Just comics and anagrams, right?  😉 You know, I am getting a little tired of a certain theme about the ex working through the anagrams lately. Oh, I know it all comes from inside my mind and all, and it’s probably because I still hurt from my divorce because I loved my ex so much. It just all has to stop so I can go back to my usual stuff without thinking about what life used to be. I really do hope my ex has made the best of his life since he walked out of mine.

Back to sentients and ETs and Jesus! A smaller collage today. Oh yeah, I could’ve gone with the many, many more comics I copied and pasted but sometimes they tell me less is more. It may be the case here. It makes my imagination soar…


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