in the shadow is an eye

On page 114 in the Cincinnati Cook Book (by the co-operative society of the children’s hospital, printed in 1981) was the recipe I used for tonight’s dinner: Best Beef Flank Steak. I rarely buy a flank steak, mostly because I didn’t know what to do with it. Another recipe in Joy of Cooking was good, spicy, but I did not have peppers or other ingredients so I just used the CCB recipe. It was quick and easy to prepare and popped in the oven an hour, a bonus to let it heat the kitchen this cold day. I added portobello mushrooms to it and it was pretty good even though served over two-day old home-style mashed potatoes.

114. It was a number I looked at a couple of times in the book for some reason. Coincidentally, 114  is the number of letters used in today’s anagram which comes from the comics bubbles text, “Just relax and everything will work out…after all, no one’s perfect. You sure are more than meets the eye. At this point the analogy breaks down!”

I did not do the anagram until after dinner was finished, but figured the number was noteworthy. Using that text (from my text only collage of comics) I get this anagram: “Not all own up to that type of mistake…sorry may be enough. We’re near Jesus…He gave faith a see, don’t worry. An alien told her secret text…link URL.”

I have made some revisions on my blog, as the way I was linking wasn’t right and realistically, ignorance is no excuse about these things. When we make a mistake we need to own up and apologize. I do so in my own way. I do these anagrams because I feel led to do so, and often I just go find a picture to go with something I wrote. Well, that’s a no-no to link directly I am told, so I will try to find a better way so as not to offend others, which means using the page link, not the picture link.  I realize I am naive about many tech things, but learning gives me the opportunity to do better, even though I have made mistakes.


Today’s collage is simplified using mostly just the text of comics but including three pictures. The tree with the eye is one I felt “looking at me” from a good 100 yards away…even though the eye is in shadow. That tree was located in Sharon Woods in Cincinnati. The sun/moon is something from a Playa de Carmen open market years ago, because the sun looks like my mother. The lighted sign was one of my favorites en route to the church I used to attend in Cincinnati.

In the shadow (on the tree) is an eye which was so human-looking. so realistic, I couldn’t help but feel it pulling me that day I walked in the park. I remember when I “felt it”, I was able to turn right around and walk straight to it. It’s funny how those things happen. I wish I had taken a better photo of it, but it is only one of many trees with eyes.

God has many ways of watching us. I’m glad for that. After the last sentence my mind went back to number 114. I opened my bible to page 114 and read, “Then Moses looked over all the work, and indeed they had done it; as the Lord had commanded, just so they had done it.”

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